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Consumer Behavior (Kardes, Cronley ,Cline)

Consumer Behavior (Kardes, Cronley ,Cline) in pdf

Frank R. Kardes University of Cincinnati
Maria L. Cronley Miami University
Thomas W. Cline Saint Vincent College

his wide-ranging yet focused text provides an informative introduction to consumer behavior supported by in-depth, scientifically grounded coverage of key principles and applications. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR, First Edition, devotes ample attention to “classic” consumer behavior topics, including consumer information processing, consumer decision making, persuasion, and the role of culture and society on consumer behavior. In addition, this innovative new text explores important current topics and trends relevant to modern consumer behavior, such as international and ethical perspectives, an examination of contemporary media, and a discussion of online tactics and branding strategies.
This versatile text strikes an ideal balance among theoretical concepts, cutting-edge research findings, and applied real-world examples that illustrate how successful businesses apply consumer behavior to develop better products and services, market them more effectively, and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. With its strong consumer-focused, strategy-oriented approach, CONSUMER BEHAVIOR, First Edition, will serve students well in the classroom and help them develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in the dynamic world of modern business.

Number of chapters: 16
File size: 12.66 Mb
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